Listening to Easton

I’ve spent the last few month listening to people in Easton about what they love in the area ,what their concerns are, and what plans for action they have to sort it out. Here’s a summary:

Easton Loves: Diversity, parks and green spaces, people, community, neighbours helping you out, street parties, pubs and local shops, the cycle path, people getting along even if they’re different, it’s safe here for new people, lots to do for young children, Easton Community Centre

Easton Concerns: There doesn’t seem to be anything for young teenagers to do, no jobs, cuts in services, rubbish, dog poo, flytipping, housing benefit cuts, public transport is too expensive, segregation, gangster culture, housing allocation policies, maniac car drivers not listening to the 20MPH limit especially near schools.

Easton Visions and ideas:

Resident food co-operatives to help us get access to cheap food, front garden allotments, resident-led arts and crafts to bring different cultures together, neighbourhood safety groups, more open-access drop-in cheap facilities for youth so they have no time for mischief,  a young professional footballer to come from Easton, jobs for youth in local business (supported by community buying schemes), more street parties and events for people to get to know each other in a relaxed way, residents associations, community art projects that deal with all the waste,a competition for the tidiest street, the council to do a proper ‘deep clean’ of Easton to get it nice looking (alongside a community litter pick), community mediation to help resolve neighbourhood disputes, more sports facilities, a gym that’s affordable, turn the chocolate factory into allotments or green space or a swimming pool, the twenty mile an hour speed limit needs to be stuck to as it’s dangerous for parents and their kids going to school, more rubbish bins, publicise the fact that you can get dump rubbish at the tip 12 times a year for free, make sure people new to the area understand how all the services work, a shop on stapleton road by and for young people.

What Next? My plan for near future is to keep on knocking doors but if anyone wants to discuss a idea that they want to develop, or has a burning issue that they want to sort out (especially if it is listed above!) then please get in touch to arrange a visit. Likewise if someone is thinking ‘I know a few people who feel the same way as me about this issue’ then get in touch and we can arrange a house-meeting to get things moving. If we’ve already met but you now want to move on an issue then all the better.

Any Questions? Get in touch – everything we talk about is confidential, and your information will not be shared unless you say that’s ok. I will occasionally write about issues and ideas on this blog but they will be anonymous.

Steve Crozier in Easton:

Mobile: 07891 066 108



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  1. If you read this you might be interested in Easton Community Allotment, check out our website at the link above.

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